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"Photographer Mark Blum executes a sterling idea for a book: a collection of stereoscopic images of deep-sea fish and reptiles, with 3-D glasses bound right into the book's cover. The result is an entertaining you-are-there tour of the ocean deeps that appeals to all ages. Some images are of places that are perilous of access, such as a submarine labyrinth off Borneo full of dolphin and turtle skeletons. Others, boasting populations of anemones and barracudas, are easier to get to--for anyone with an aqualung, that is. No matter where they're set, the photographs impart a wonderful sense of adventure and scientific discovery."

Galápagos In 3-D

Reading level:
Ages 4-Adult
Hardcover - 96 pages (2001)
Chronicle Books; ISBN: 0811831329 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.79 x 9.33 x 6.63


The enchanted islands of the Galápagos come to life in this breathtaking 3-D exploration of one of the most popular ecological travel destinations in the world. Hammerhead sharks, penguins, giant tortoises, dolphins, marine iguanas, and rays are among the amazing variety of creatures presented in up-close stereo photos, on land and underwater, along with stunning shots of the islands' most beautiful landscapes. Sturdy 3-D lenses bound into the front cover, informative captions, a map, and a helpful glossary of terms make Galápagos in 3-D a fun and fascinating look at the islands and wildlife studied by Darwin, taught in schools, and beloved by natural science enthusiasts of all ages.

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Beneath the Sea in 3-D

Book1.gif (15198 bytes)Reading level:
Ages 4-Adult
Hardcover - 96 pages (May 1997)
Chronicle Books; ISBN: 0811814122 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.79 x 9.33 x 6.63

List Price: $18.95
Amazon: $13.27
You Save: $5.68 (30%)

"For most people, the strange and beautiful creatures that inhabit the underwater realm of the planet are accessible only as images in TV documentaries or as captives in an aquarium. Mark Blum's book provides a new way to experience them: through the use of 3-D or stereoscopic photography, and 3-D lenses built into the cover of his book.

Equipped with several different custom-built stereo cameras and scuba gear, the author has traveled to some of the most interesting reefs of the world. The 44 stereoscopic photographs in this collection are brightly colored and of excellent quality. The real impact, however, comes from the innovative three-dimensional aspect of viewing the animals in their natural environments. Fish appear suspended among rich corrals, while shrimp and crabs peek out of their colorful holes.

Each photographic plate is accompanied by a brief informative description of the fish or other animals in the picture. I would recommend the book to anyone, of any age, who has an interest in exploring the great variety of unusual life in the sea." --California Coast and Ocean

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Bugs in 3-D

Book2.gif (13127 bytes)Reading level: Ages 9-Adult
Hardcover - 96 pages (June 1998)
Chronicle Books; ISBN: 0811819450 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.79 x 9.40 x 6.68

List Price: $18.95
Amazon: $13.27
You Save: $5.68 (30%)

The creepiest, crawliest, and hairiest bugs are featured in this amazing collection of 3-D photographs. Tarantulas, millipedes, flies, bumblebees, beetles, and all sorts of other tiny critters loom monstrously into view with fascinating and alarming detail in this foolproof 3-D experience. The book comes complete with 3-D lenses innovatively bound into the hardback cover. 44 color photos.

"Insects comprise two-thirds of all the animal species on Earth. There are 200 million of them for every person, and we deal with these creatures on a daily basis. [Mark] Blum takes readers into their world. Reminiscent of the handheld viewers of the 1920s, this book has a built-in stereoscope attached to the cover. In order to capture the macro images on the 44 3-D plates, the author built his own cameras. The result is absolutely breathtaking. Insects from the common housefly to exotic butterflies in full regalia will have readers wishing for more photos. Unlike the 3-D books with the blue-and-red glasses, these images truly jump off the page. The depth of the field achieved is remarkable. The book is a wonderful introduction not only to the field of entomology, but also to photography..." --Library Journal

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Amphibians & Reptiles in 3-D

Reading level: Ages 9-Adult
Hardcover (October 1999)
Chronicle Books;
ISBN: 0811825094

List Price: $18.95
Amazon: $13.27
You Save: $5.68 (30%)

See the colorful, comical, and creepy characters of the reptile and amphibian kingdom as you've never seen them before. The emperor newt, boa constrictor, prairie king snake, panther chameleon, poison dart frog, and many others come to life in eye-popping stereoscopic detail and dazzling color in this foolproof 3-d viewing experience. Complete with lenses conveniently bound into the front cover at precisely the right viewing distance, Amphibians & Reptiles in 3-d lets viewers safely observe these intriguing creatures as they crawl, hop, and slither right off the page. With informative captions and a fun glossary of terms, this collection of extraordinary photographs will amaze and delight nature lovers of all ages.

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Big Trucks & Diggers in 3-D

Reading level:
Ages 4-Adult
Hardcover - 56 pages (April 2001)
Chronicle Books; ISBN: 0811831728 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.55 x 7.29 x 6.39

Amazon: $11.96
You Save: $2.99 (20%)

The bucket of a backhoe swoops toward you. A disk plow sweeps across fields. You can almost smell the hot asphalt being laid down by the paver in this exciting 3-D book. Stereoscopic photography has been around for more than 100 years, and it hasn't lost it's capacity to amaze both children and adults. Look through the stereoscopic glasses--built right into cover so they can't get lost--and view these massive building machines in all their glory.

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3D Eyewitness: Ocean Life

Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover - 56 pages (October 1999)
DK Publishing; ISBN: 0789448971

List Price: $16.95
Our Price: $11.87
You Save: $5.08 (30%)

Images too small to see with the naked eye spring to incredible life! Discover the wonderful world of hidden detail by placing the enclosed mirror
in the center of each stunning photo spread. With numerous three dimensional spreads, this book brings the experience of the world below the water's surface to life!

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Coral Reef (eye to eye)
by Andrea Holden-Boone, Mark Blum (Photographer), Julian Mulock (Illustrator)

coral.gif (14194 bytes)Reading level: Ages 4-8
Paperback - 32 pages (December 1998)
Somerville House USA; ISBN: 1581840012 ; Dimensions: 0.67 x 8.03 x 8.41

List Price: $11.99
Our Price: $9.59
You Save: $2.40 (20%)

Amazing stereo (3-D) and conventional (2-D) photographs bring young explorers eye to eye with fascinating creatures normally too quick, too shy, or too dangerous to approach! An easy-to-use viewer is bound into the front of each book, along with 24 collectible 3-D cards! Look eye to eye at creatures as colorful as a clown fish or as menacing as a shark! Coral Reef brings readers 3-D wonders of the sea, with fun and fascinating facts about coral reef inhabitants, eating habits, food chains, and survival instincts.

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Windows on the Sea
The Amazing Underwater World
View-Master Reels(3)

windows.gif (16772 bytes)Reading level:
Ages 4-Adult
Paperback/View-Master - 3 pages/3 Reels

3-D photographer Mark Blum takes you beneath the water's surface for a fascinating look at marine life of all types, photographed in stereo by his special custom-designed stereo cameras.  Included is a high quality 32 page booklet explaining the reels in detail. Note: View-Master viewer required.



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