Parallel View Method Instructions
NOTE: The following method for "free-viewing" images on screen or paper may not work for everyone. If you own one of the books in Mark's In 3D Series from Chronicle Books, you may also use the built in lenses as a viewer for this site. Have fun!

The parallel view method (sometimes called relaxed viewing or free view method), Displays the right and left image in a side by side fashion. The right image is on the right and the left image is on the left as shown below.

left_right.gif (2464 bytes)

  1. Look at the picture below,  then close your eyes and relax.
  2. When you open your eyes do not focus, but remain relaxed and let the picture remain out of focus. You will see the image begin to float together, or you may concentrate on a specific small object within the image.  Let it happen as the images come together until you see three images.
  3. You will begin to see the middle picture in three dimensions as it fuses together.
  4. Slowly begin to focus as you keep the central images overlapped.
  5. If you have done everything right, the middle image will be 3-D!


Try the method on the stereoscopic image below (this is not one of Mark's images).
house400x139.jpg (27885 bytes)
Warning: If you experience eye fatigue or discomfort, take a break.


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